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The significance and amount of alimony varies with each case

Spousal support, sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance and alimony, is awarded in cases where one spouse has little or no separate property or an insufficient means of support. The primary considerations for spousal support are need and ability to pay. The need for alimony is assessed at the time of divorce. A spouse may not waive his or her right to receive alimony and then petition for support at some point in the future.

Pendente lite alimony is awarded to one spouse during the divorce process until a final judgment is entered. In most cases, spousal support consists of periodic payments that are awarded for a fixed period of time following the divorce. In some cases, permanent alimony may be awarded if a marriage lasted a particularly long time. Rehabilitative alimony is designed to allow one spouse the opportunity to find a job or obtain vocational training or education that will allow him or her to become self-sufficient. In some situations, alimony may be awarded as a lump sum payment.

The terms of a periodic alimony order may be modified if either party proves a material change in circumstances. If the spouse receiving spousal support payments remarries or cohabitates, the court will terminate the alimony order. An experienced family law attorney can advise you of the specific limitations a court can place on alimony orders.

Factors that are considered when awarding and calculating alimony

Besides need and ability to pay, the court will evaluate several factors when considering the applicability of alimony to a particular case, including:

• The length of the marriage

• The age and health of each spouse

• The standard of living enjoyed during the marriage

• Each spouse’s contribution to the earning potential of the higher-earning spouse

• Each spouse’s services provided during the marriage

• The future earning opportunities of each spouse

• The fault of either party leading to the divorce

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