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Many people think a prenuptial agreement indicates a belief that a marriage will inevitably fail. However, marriages end for a number of reasons and each relationship has its own unique characteristics. Prenuptial agreements merely establish the rights and obligations of each party involved. And in the event of a divorce, it is important to ensure that your rights are protected. At King, Green, & Dobson, LLC, we routinely assist clients with drafting and executing valid prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We also help clients prove the validity of and enforce existing contracts between spouses.

Valid prenuptial agreements must meet strict requirements

Most states have adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act to address prenuptial agreements. Alabama has not adopted this statute, but there are several requirements that must be followed in order for a contract to be recognized and enforced by the court in our state.

A valid prenup can save you time and money

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are an effective way for couples to understand their individual financial statuses and to plan for the future. These contracts can delineate how marital property and money is distributed and may also make provisions about spousal support. Some prenuptial and postnuptial agreements contain provisions regarding child support and custody, but courts will only enforce these provisions if doing so is in the best interests of a child.

Prenuptial agreements often save couples thousands of dollars in legal fees and greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to obtain a divorce. With full and fair disclosure there are no surprises, and each party is aware of his or her rights and obligations. Many people mistakenly believe that prenuptial agreements are reserved for wealthy individuals. However, our attorneys assist clients of all income levels and those with both large and small estates.

Challenging a signed prenuptial agreement

To challenge the validity of a premarital agreement, you must prove that you did not enter into the contract willingly. A prenup may also be invalidated if you can prove that your spouse did not disclose his or her assets before you entered into the agreement. Disputing the validity of a marital agreement often leads to contentious litigation and increased attorney’s fees. It is vital that you consult an experienced family law attorney before signing any marital contracts.

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