Birmingham Post-Divorce Modifications Attorneys

We won’t abandon you just because your divorce is final

Most people think that their problems are over once they have a final divorce decree from the court. However, circumstances often change, and you may need to modify the terms of your divorce. Post-decree modifications cover a variety of issues from child custody to spousal support. At King, Green, & Dobson, LLC, we focus on your needs and provide energetic and knowledgeable legal advice and guidance.

Situations that can lead to the modification of a final judgment

Following a divorce, the court will enter a final judgment of divorce that details the conditions and provisions agreed upon by both parties. It is not uncommon for one or both parties to face a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a post-divorce modification. Our attorneys routinely help clients obtain post-decree modifications involving such issues as:

• Child custody

• Child support

• Spousal support and alimony

• Visitation and parenting time schedules

A material change in circumstances is vital for a post-divorce modification

A Petition to Modify requires proof of a substantial and reasonable change in circumstances.

For child support modifications the court will consider:

• An increase or decrease in each parent’s income

• All available assets and benefits of each parent

• An increase in the cost of living

• The health conditions of each parent and the child

Child custody orders may be modified if:

• One parent wishes to relocate.

• One or both parents are violating a court-ordered visitation and parenting time schedule.

• The child has reached a sufficient age and maturity and wishes to alter the custody and visitation arrangements.

• The benefits outweigh the disruptive effect.

Spousal support orders that are for periodic alimony can also be modified upon a material change in circumstances and based on each spouse’s current need and ability to pay. Spousal maintenance usually terminates upon the remarriage or cohabitation in a marriage-like relationship of the spouse receiving support. It is important to seek the advice of a qualified family law attorney if you wish to modify the terms of your divorce and comply with all statutory requirements.

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