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The cost of raising and supporting children increases with each passing year. The United States Department of Agriculture’s annual report estimates that the annual cost of raising children ranges from $12,600 to $14,700. A divorce can lead to increased childcare costs and expenses. At King, Green, & Dobson, LLC, we understand the financial burdens you face. We work diligently to help you get a fair and reasonable child support order.

How to establish a child support order that works for your family

The easiest way to establish a child support order is through a mutual and voluntary agreement between the parents. Child custody orders are governed by specific guidelines in Alabama. Noncustodial parents are typically responsible for child support payments. Alabama uses a child support worksheet to calculate an appropriate amount of child support. If the paying parent agrees to the amount specified under these guidelines, the court will approve and file the agreement. Child support payments usually continue until the child reaches the age of majority. In Alabama, the age of majority is 19. Post-minority support may be ordered to cover a child’s continuing education costs or medical expenses, if the child is disabled or handicapped.

Alabama law requires that medical support be included in any child support order. Medical support can be provided through health insurance or through cash medical support, if insurance is not available at a reasonable price.

Seek legal guidance for enforcing and modifying child support orders

The state of Alabama has several methods of enforcing existing child support orders. Income withholding is typically the most effective means of enforcement. Support payments can be automatically deducted from:

• Paychecks

• Unemployment

• Workers’ compensation

• Retirement payments

A delinquent parent may also be found in civil contempt, have his or her driver’s license suspended and possibly face jail time if he or she falls more than 30 days behind in payments or does not comply with medical support requirements. Consult a qualified family law and divorce attorney for help with getting the support you’re owed.

Existing child support orders may be modified if there is a material change in circumstances. Typically, the court modifies an order if the existing order no longer adequately meets the needs of the child or if the financial status of one or both parents changes.

Contact a firm that offers reliable child support representation throughout Alabama

Raising a child requires significant financial resources. At King, Green, & Dobson, LLC, our attorneys are committed to working with families to establish, enforce and modify child support orders, and our focus is on fairness. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can also meet with you by appointment after office hours. Contact us online or call us at 205.937.3687 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys or staff members.